Kentucky Newspapers Available on Microfilm

Available for purchase or inter-library loan.

The University of Kentucky Libraries department of Reprographics does all the microfilming of newspapers for the state of Kentucky. They also participated in the National Endowment for the Humanities National Newspaper Microfilming project from 1987-1991. Due to that project they filmed almost 1.5 million pages of newspapers pre-1900 dates, and are the holders of over 25,000 reels of 35mm microfilm for all Kentucky counties going back as far as 1787.

They also have reels of manuscripts, books, church records etc., as well as Mormon film which can only be copied by specific request from Salt Lake City granting them permission to duplicate it.

Microfilm will normally be shipped within 2-4 weeks, or if it is a large order (50 or more reels) count on 6+ weeks. You will be invoiced with your film order so you do not have to put down a deposit or send money at the time you order. Shipping/handling is $3.00 reel. Some of the older reels do require some maintenance work. This is $5.00 reel, but it does not apply to every reel.

There are also some miscellaneous reels that have as many as 30 titles on a single reel. These are usually single issues and not a complete run.

If there are problems, this is dictated on the information for that particular list.

Check out their web site HERE

Search their list of available newspapers at http://lib.uky.edu/repro/.

Purchasing Information
Preservation Reformatting Librarian
University of Kentucky
500 South Limestone
Lexington, KY 40506-0039
Phone:(859) 257-3329
Email inquiries can be sent to Roger Hamperian at: rogerh@email.uky.edu
Please direct reference questions to the reference library listed below.

Interlibrary Loan

All of the microfilm is available through Interlibrary loan. For information on interlibrary loan policy visit their website HERE or

Contact: James VanHuss
(859) 257-0500 EXT 2036

Library Reference and
Information Services

Phone: 859-257-0500 ext. 2170
Email: refdesk@pop.uky.edu
Reference and Information Services
W. T. Young Library
University of Kentucky
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